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Every person has a unique experience of life - from knowledge and genetics passed down from generation to generation to our experiences from birth until today. If we were to lay the map of your life, steps, choices, moments in time, down on paper - it would be like a finger print - unique to you and you only.    

What we believe about who we are, is based on these cumulative values, life experiences we've had/learned and knowledge passed down to us.    

My goal through training, coaching and mentoring is to help you redefine who you believe yourself to be unconsciously and show you how a simple shift in presence and acceptance can allow you to claim the right to be anything you dare to be consciously.

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 Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy┬« and Hypnosis

After 20 years in corporate, coaching and managing teams of anywhere from 3 to 80 people - I discovered my passion for coaching and personal growth in people was calling me away from corporate and towards the personal development.    

In 2016 I left corporate behind and haven't looked back.    

I coach men and women towards personal awareness, limitlessness, breaking-through negative emotions and providing guidance during personal awakenings and even business growth & opportunity.      

I am passionate about supporting resilience and confidence building in children and provide parents with tools and guidance in this area.    

A healthy mind truly matters. It is the first step towards unlocking our limitless potential, turning on the lights and changing the way we talk to ourselves.    

When we honour ourselves, we can in turn honour our personal goals, dreams and change our lives exponentially.

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Personal Growth and Development

Awareness & Awakening

Overcome Obstacles and Fear

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When we work together, we break through limitations and open up a whole new dimension of possibility

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